vurt : broken in 9 pieces

9 tracks

vurt explains:

"im not one for talking about my pieces, preferring to let them speak for themselves. often, if i explained where the inspirations come from i fear it may put off listeners. so with that in mind, here are the words of a listener.

wavephonic wrote: you were always true to unconformity and pressuring knobs to go past their point. I use to work on an assembly line in a cutting mill, this brought horrible dreams of that back to life, but hey, I could never manifest that experience like this. some amazing things in there, at one point I thought tires were spinning, which brings us to the upcoming winter. all those frustrating things in life are wrapped in this file, lol. even the sombre parts are somewhat wirey and dizzy. for some of it I was not in the same room while it was playing, you'll be happy to know I had to come and check my player to make sure it wasn't "broken" keep doing what you do vurt

you can enjoy the mono version for free, and if you really enjoy it, or if you just think its interesting and would like to support vurt's future endeavours you can donate 3.50 (or more) and you will receive a link to the full stereo audio file to enjoy the piece in all its glory. whether you choose to donate or not, thanks for listening.

demo album broken demo

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